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Notifications of Bitadd trading delayed to accounts

Dear users:

Recently, the volume of Bitadd network transactions has increased recently, it causes Bitadd transaction confirmation time to increase, and some users' transactions are delayed to the accounts. In order to speed up your transaction confirmation speed, it is suggested that you set up the network service fee is 0.0030b+/kB. If you want the transaction to be confirmed within 5-10 minutes, it is suggested that you set up the network service fee is 0.0050-0.0100b+/kB.

Why the recent trade fair has been delayed to the account?

Bitadd network is a global P2P network, It is maintained by all the nodes of the access network (which can be understood as a computer). An average of 2.5 minutes on a global network (not a company or individual) will make a confirmation of the transaction. According to the network rules, the Bitadd received by the user needs to be confirmed by 6 times (that is, 15 minutes) to be paid again by the user.

Recently, the speed of Bitadd to the account has slowed. The reason is that the number of transactions in the whole Bitadd network is too high, and the peak time network capacity is close to the upper limit, resulting in Bitadd network congestion, which makes the confirmation of Bitadd transactions in every trading platform slow down. This is determined by the characteristics of the Bitadd network itself and is not controlled by the trading platforms.

When can it get to the account?

Generally speaking, Bitadd will be returned for more than 3 days after a transaction is not confirmed by a Bitadd network. Unconfirmed Bitadd will not disappear, please don't worry. This process is determined by the characteristics of the Bitadd network itself, and the transaction platforms are unable to intervene. So, please patiently wait for confirmation or return Bitadd network.If you have any questions, you can contact small bit development and maintenance team mail: bitcontact@aol.com