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Notice to clean up inactive accounts

Respected CoinWorldAU users

    In order to further standardize the market order and ensure the normal operation of fair and free market trading activities , ensure the timely issuance of the recommended award for the vast majority of users , the platform is scheduled to clean inactive accounts on 6 January 2018.

    The definition of an inactive account is:Accounts not registered through invitation codes and not invited to other users

    Considerations for platform users:

        1 When the account is cleaned, it will not be restored. In order to protect your virtual property, please transfer the virtual currency to your other wallet in time.

        2 if you have any questions, please contact the online service platform(Customer service hours 9: 00-22: 00 per day)

 Thank you for the support and concern for the CoinWorldAU platform, I wish you e a happy family and a happy life.

Issuer: CoinWorldAU platform

Issue time: 04th January 2018