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Terms of Service

The ownership and operation of the services provided by CoinWorld (www.CoinWorldau.com) are owned by the platform. The CoinWorld service clause (hereinafter referred to as "this clause") is a related rights and obligation specification established by CoinWorld users and CoinWorld services. By visiting and / or using this website, the user accepts and agrees with all the terms and conditions of this agreement. CoinWorld as the carrier of this platform(www.coinworldau.com) provides service to the user according to this agreement. If you are not willing to accept the terms of this agreement, we shall not visit or use this website.


CoinWorld has the right to modify the terms of this agreement. Once the amended agreement is published, it is effective in place of the original agreement. The user can look up the latest agreement at any time.


One  The terms of service.

1、CoinWorld uses its own system, providing digital asset trading services for users through the Internet etc..

2、users must prepare their own equipment and undertake the following expenses are as follows:

(1) Internet equipment, including not limited to computers or other Internet terminals, modem and other Internet devices;

(2) spending on the Internet, including not limited to the Internet access fees, access to Internet equipment, and mobile phone charges.

3、registration information provided by the user, the user agrees to:

(1) providing legal, true, accurate and detailed personal information;

(2) if there is a change, update the user's information in time. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate, and incomplete, users shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences, and CoinWorld reserves the right to terminate the user's use of CoinWorld services.


Two  Service delivery; modification and termination.

1、CoinWorld reserves the right to modify or interrupt service at any time without noticing the user. CoinWorld has the right to exercise the right to modify or interrupt service, not to the user or to any third party that has no direct relationship.

2、the user has any objection to the amendment to this agreement, or to CoinWorld dissatisfied with the service, can exercise the following rights:

Stop using CoinWorld's network services;

Inform CoinWorld through customer service to stop its service. After the service is finished, the user's right to use the CoinWorld network service is immediately terminated. In this case, the platform is not obliged to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to the user or any third party without direct relation.


Three  User information security.

1、The CoinWorld user information referred to in this agreement refers to the information in conformity with the laws, regulations and relevant provisions and in conformity with the following scope:

the personal information provided to this platform when the user registers CoinWorld or applies to the CoinWorld member;

users in the use of CoinWorld services, to participate in the activities of the website or visit the web page, automatically receive and end user data records or mobile phone client browser on this platform, including but not limited to the use of records of the IP address, website Cookie and user requirements;

CoinWorld personal information of users legally obtained from business partners;

The user's personal information obtained by other CoinWorld through legal channels.

2、CoinWorld: commitment without legal reasons or the prior permission of the user, CoinWorld will not disclose user name, password, mobile phone number non-public information to any third party, in the following 3、legal cases, personal information users will be partially or fully disclosed:

to be disclosed to the user or other third parties with the consent of the user;

the disclosure of third parties to the administrative, judicial, or other legal provisions in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws, regulations, or the requirements of the administrative agency;

the other CoinWorld is disclosed in accordance with the laws, regulations, and other relevant provisions.


Four  User rights.

1、User’s username, password, and security

The user has the right to choose whether to become a CoinWorld member. If the user chooses to become a registered user of the platform, he must use the e-mail address as the member name of the platform. The electronic mailbox address used should comply with the relevant laws and regulations and conform to the network ethics

once the user successfully registered, become a member of CoinWorld, will be the user's mailbox (username and password), and this group of user mailbox (username) is responsible for all activities and events and password after entering the system, bear all the electronic mail (user name) words and behavior directly or legal responsibility indirectly.

The user has the obligation to properly store CoinWorld account, e-mail, user password and password verification code, and the user will be responsible for the e-mail address (user name) and password. Any legal consequence caused by the leakage of e-mail (user name) or password due to user reasons is responsible by the user himself. Because of the leakage of information caused by the user's own reasons, the station is not responsible for the loss. Since our website is a trading website, we cannot use the same password if we login, cipher, and transaction passwords, otherwise there will be security risks, and the related responsibilities are borne by the users themselves.

if the user's password is lost, you can send mail to info@coinworldau.com or contact customer service through a registered email. If a user finds any illegal use of an electronic mail box (username) or other security loopholes, it should be informed of the platform immediately.

CoinWorld does not claim to any user password, will not allow the user to any non site trading center providing digital asset account, recharge payment address, please do not believe any CoinWorld discounted, concessions fraud information, if not CoinWorld trading platform account, address play money or currency losses caused by this platform irresponsible.

2、the user has the right to obtain the award given by CoinWorld after publishing information and other contributions according to the relevant provisions of the website.

3、users have the right to modify the personal account can modify the information, decide whether to provide non mandatory content;

4、the user has the right to award the CoinWorld according to the relevant regulations of the website (such as the reward of the object or the integral of the membership).

5、users have the right to participate in the online and offline CoinWorld organizations to provide activities;

6、the user has the right to according to CoinWorld site, enjoy the various other service provided by the platform.


Five  User obligations.

1、Shall not use this platform to endanger national security, state secrets, and shall not infringe upon the national social collective and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, not production, reproduction and dissemination of information by the following:

incitement to resist and destroy the Constitution and laws of all countries and the implementation of administrative regulations;

- incitement to racial hatred and racial discrimination;

- to fabricate or distort facts, spread rumors and disrupt social order;

- publicize obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, and instigation of crime.

- flagrant insults or factual defamation of others, or other malicious attacks;

- commercial advertising.

2、Users should not register CoinWorld website accounts by any means, including, but not limited to, multiple accounts for purposes of profit making, speculation, cash in and awards. Users may not embezzle other user accounts. If the user violates the above provisions, CoinWorld has the right to take all necessary measures, including but not limited to delete users to publish content, cancel the users in the website to get the star, honor and virtual wealth, suspend or cancel the seizure of the user account, because of illegal benefits, and even through the form of litigation for legal responsibility of the user.

3、Ban users will CoinWorld in any form as engaged in various illegal activities, places or media platform. Without the authorization or license of CoinWorld, users can't engage in any commercial activities in the name of the platform, nor in any way can CoinWorld be used as a place, platform or medium for commercial activities. If the user violates the above provisions, CoinWorld has the right to take all necessary measures, including but not limited to delete users to publish content on the website, cancel the user received the honor and virtual wealth, suspend or cancel the seizure of the user account, because of illegal benefits, and even through the form of litigation for legal responsibility of the user.

4、All the information users in various forms in CoinWorld, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the website, comply with public order and good morals, does not infringe any third party rights, otherwise the resulting user to bear all the legal consequences, and therefore subject to the loss of CoinWorld, users have the right to recover.

5、The user may not fictional facts etc. CoinWorld malicious slander goodwill.


Six  Refusing to guarantee and Disclaimer

1 CoinWorld is the third party platform of "network service provider", and the information and service on the non guaranteed website platform can fully meet the needs of the user. For users in the process of accepting the service process of the platform may encounter errors, insults, slander, omission, obscenity, pornography or blasphemy, this platform does not bear legal liability needs.

2 Based on the particularity of the Internet, CoinWorld does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, and it will not guarantee the timeliness and safety of the service, and will not undertake the responsibility caused by the platform. This platform can help users secure access and use of this website, but this platform not statement does not guarantee that this web site or the server is free of viruses or other potentially harmful factors; therefore, the user should use a recognized software killing any CoinWorld from the download file virus

3 CoinWorld is not responsible for the failure of the user to save, modify, delete, or store information. CoinWorld does not take on the inadvertent typesetting errors and negligence on the unintentional web site. CoinWorld has the right but no obligation to improve or correct any part of the website's omission and error.

4 Unless CoinWorld expressly agreed in writing, the platform for the user in any way (including but not limited to, including by, connect or download any content from this website) information obtained, including but not limited to advertising, do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and reliability; This platform is not responsible for any product, service, information or information that the user has purchased or obtained from the content information on the site. The risk caused by the user's own use of the content of the site's information.

5 The user reviews published by all users in CoinWorld network only represent users' personal views. They do not mean that the website agrees with their views or confirms their descriptions. This website does not assume any legal liability caused by user reviews.

6 CoinWorld has the right to delete all kinds of information that are not in accordance with the law or agreement within the platform, and retain the right to not inform the user

7 All notices sent to users will be delivered through formal page bulletins, station letters, e-mail, or regular letters. Any activities or information that have not been obtained through the formal channels of this platform, this platform does not bear legal responsibility.

8 CoinWorld has the power to adjust the charge rates, such as recharge, cash, transaction, etc. according to the market situation, and has the power to decide the termination of the free promotion period.


Seven  Conflict selection

This agreement is an important legal document between CoinWorld and users, registered as users of this platform and using the platform services. Any other written or oral expression of this platform or user is inconsistent with this agreement, which should be based on this agreement.