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Trade Guide

First, go to the home page of the platform at http://coinworldau.com, and log in to your existing account and put your mouse over the【trading center】button, and the page will show all kinds of currencies. Select the currency click to enter, the page will jump to the designated trading page, referring to the K chart, to understand the trading market

Seller: fill in [sell price] [sell amount] [trade password] in the right sell box, click [sell], the system will give the order automatically (if the default collection address is not set. The page will jump to the receivable address interface). After waiting for the buyer to pay and upload the receipt, complete the transaction in [Finance Center] [Transaction record] [confirm] order

Buyer: search the bottom of the page the latest transaction bar, select the appropriate price, click on the right [buy]. Enter [amount of purchase] [transaction password] in the dialog box and click [buy]. Check the buyer's receivable address in [Finance Center] Transaction record], upload the receipt after payment, and wait for the seller to confirm.